At North Brisbane Chiropractic, we also offer massage therapy that can assist you on your road to Wellness.

Massage works to release and relieve the tension that builds from everyday stress along with overuse and mis-use of our muscles through activity and exercise. Trained in various Massage techniques, our therapists will actively treat problem areas with remedial techniques and equally recommend

Our human body has an inherent ability to be healthy if we look after it.

Meet our Therapists

Gordon Nicoll (Remedial Massage)

gordon-adjustedGordon is a diploma certified Remedial massage therapist, who also has over 5 years experience as a personal trainer. He can quickly access movement dysfunctions, problem areas and apply direct and effective techniques to decrease pain or discomfort as soon as possible. Gordon believes in the philosophy of helping your bodies natural innate ability to heal itself through movement, muscle manipulation, and stretching, he applies this philosophy in all his treatments. Book your first session to see how Gordon can help you move and feel better.

Shannon Harrison (Remedial Massage)

shannon-harrisonShannon graduated as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2013 and since then whilst practicing continued studies acquiring an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy and is currently studying Chiropractic.  Using her extensive knowledge her goal is to work on the improvement in her patients’ physical movement and preventing any re-occurrence of injury or pain.

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