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Hot Stone Massage

Massage at Noosa Chiropractic
Hot Stone Massage
by Jason Mulvogue

The ancient technique of hot stone massage dates back thousands of years, however is still a very widely used therapy today. Many are unaware of the therapeutic properties of such techniques until they have experienced a treatment for themselves.

My treatment involves the use of basalt volcanic carved stone, a stone renowned for its rich energy and healing properties. The stones high iron and magnesium content also makes it particularly beneficial for deep muscular work. Although commonly viewed as a technique employed only in relaxation massage, hot stone massage has shown amazing results in stress reduction and in those suffering from fibromyalgia. Furthermore, stone work is also a fantastic aid for deep tissue work in athletes as the heat and energy from the stones penetrates deep into muscles.
Hot stone massage is available through Noosa Chiropractic. Why don’t you book in today?

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